Enjoying my bookmark that I bought at the Smither's Farmer's Market. The yellow songbird on the tree limb is so appealing, and it has a very Japanese art feel to it. And the spirit bear photos are so special and such a rare thing for those from outside the area to see. Good luck with your photography.
I love that winter photographies! Great work!
I'm waiting for more pics, nice job :)
Beautiful work Stephen
"Wildlife" gallery is awesome! You are great photographer! Greatings
Steven Tuininga (your photographer friend)(non-registered)
Love the look of your site here. Nice idea to categorize your photos, keeps it from getting too cluttered. Keep up the great work on here. Keep on taking those pictures and sharing them with us. You're on a "roll" already.
Laura Strauss(non-registered)
Hey Stephen I finally get to write in your guestbook. I haven't got time and then when I see you talk about your site I remember so I thought I would write in it now. I hope you had a fun evening tonight talk again
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