I've decided to through in a "History" page to go along with my "History" images. This way I can use this page to see if there is any sites I can link here to tell about the Historical images such as the ones I currently have.

Dodge Power Wagon

However, please note that the images on my site are not the original Dodge Power Wagon. It has been completely refurbished. However I would still consider it to be Historical The body is the original body but has been re-painted and blemishes removed. Other than that the images on this site have new parts. The Dodge Power Wagon on my site is from 1959. This article I linked has the history from the mid 1940s to the late 1960s. For those of you who are interested, feel free to read the article. It would be a great article especially for those who have a hobby in historical cars.

The other image I have on my website of the old truck and old barn, unfortunately I couldn't find an article on it, which I guess isn't too surprising. However, for more information on the old Experimental Farm, you could always check with the BV Museum and possibly Smithers Community Services Association as in the past the old experimental farm belonged to them. However, before that I'm not sure who owned the old experimental farm.