Posted: 11/04/2017 - I will possibly be getting a new site. I will be keeping my current address bu will be using a different web builder. I will not be able to transfer my content over so will have to do it from scratch. During this time you may be checking out a pretty empty site. Once this goes though I hope it won't take too long to redo everything and add content. As far as I know, though, there will be no downtime while transferring over.

Posted: 10/23/2017 - It's been a few months since I've stopped using social media. Facebook actually is (one of) the worst social media sites I can think of. If you wish to do so you can read up on it here. Facebook is actually more than a scam as you will read about it here.
I was planning on seeing where I get after awhile but now O don't think I will be coming back to Facebook. I will be updating news and updates directly on my Message Board (or Online Community). You are more than welcome to register, absolutely free and with no obligations. Or if you just wish to read up on the news and updates you can do so at any time you like. Just go to my board and click "News and Updates".
I will be updating news about the BVFM as well as SD Photography in General, as well as updates etc regarding the board.
Please note that I am not asking you to be active at this time as I am just looking for more users to register on my board. However in time I will want all members, if not most to be active, but I can only imagine it will still be a ways away. If you have any questions about my board feel free to email me.

Posted: 8/12/2017 - If you have checked out my website and went to my "Other Links" page you would have seen I have Facebook, Twitter and a message board. Anyone can guess that advertising isn't easy and I know I have very little to no traffic on my website. Nonetheless I would like to point you to My Message Board. It is very easy to use especially for posting. I do have a guest room there so you can either go there if you have any questions, or you can directly email me. Registration is absolutely free so anyone is more than welcome to join.

Posted: 8/12/2017 - I am bringing in some calendars this year. I'm hoping to order them this coming week or the following. I really am hoping I can get them in by September. If you wish to purchase any feel free to e-mail me. Please note that if you need them shipped to you, there will be an additional shipping charge. Anyone from between Telkwa and Morice Town can pick them up when and if they come into town. If you live in places like Houston or Hazelton you can always pick up your order as well if you happen to be coming to town. Or you can have somebody pick up your order if they are in town and headed your way. BUT I will need an email confirmation to verify the said person is the one delivering your order. If this is the case I will ask for ID just as a security measure so I know this is the person you have said is going to pick up your order. Please note though the minimum order I can do is 250. I will not order any more until I run low. All calendars left over by the end of January will be donated to the New to You store or split between New to You and Salvation Army. If you order bulk order of calendars 50 or over, you will receive a discount. You will receive a further discount if you buy 100 or more. Although it's not very likely if you would like a quote feel free to contact me, or if you have any further questions.

Posted: 08/12/2017 - I've done very well at the BVFM this morning and it's been a better day than the best day I've had last year. The past couple years I've had quite a lot of fun at the BVFM so definitely hoping to go again next year. Also I do hope to bring in some 8x10s as well. However if you wish to have larger prints than 8x10 they should be pre-ordered (and pre-paid). I am planning on starting off with 10 8x10 prints to see if they sell and how long it takes to sell them all, or at least most of them. If they sell exceptionally well I may then order 20 more and see how well they sell. Unfortunately the printer at Pharmasave Smithers had broken down and they will not get a new one. I do not trust Shopper's due to some issues I've had a few years ago. However the prints I can order online (I have 2 sites I can order them from) are cheaper anyway, so I will be ordering them online. This will also mean that if you wish to order specific prints you should expect between a week or so for the order to come in. Unfortunately I am unable to give you an estimate. I'm sure it's based on how busy they are and when they can ship. They are both located in Alberta so once they ship I will possibly get them in just a few days. And of course if you order specific pictures, if you give me your email address I would definitely keep you up to date with your order as well as notifying you of any delays.

Posted: 07/01/2017 - It's been a good day at the BVFM this morning. I have made some sales. My Portfolio is outdated so I am ordering more pictures to add to my Portfolio. Also, regarding the BVFM there may or may not be a Message Board (Online Community). I need to get the OK and will let you know regardless if I set one up or not. Because I am familiar with how Message Boards work I will be setting one up. Anyone can join regardless if they are associated with the BVFM or not. I will definitely keep you updated. You can find more information on my Facebook Page or you can Contact Me for more information.

Posted: 06/30/2017 - Last year I've brought in some Calendars. I am planning on bringing some more in this year but won't be ordering any until August or September. I do have a deal on Bulk Orders of 50 calendars or more, so if you're interested feel free to contact me for a quote. I will be selling them until the end of January 2018 and any calendars I have left I will be donating to a local second-hand store, the New to You store which is located at the end of Broadway in Smithers BC. To get there you turn down King Street near No Frills. Other markers you can look out for are Petro Canada, Cheveron, McDonald's and Safeway.

Posted: 06/30/2017 - It's been awhile since I posted news. I really haven't thought about it. I have a Facebook promotion. I am trying to gain more "LIKES" to my Facebook Page. Of course, isn't everyone? If I get 150 "LIKES" on Facebook I am going to donate a Canvas to a local Non-Profit Organization: High Road Services Society. From the time of this post I need 42 more "LIKES". Once I reach the milestone of 150 "LIKES" I am going to have a simultaneous promotion. Once I reach 250 "LIKES" I am going to donate a Canvas to a second Non-Profit Organization which provides low-income housing. Any help in retrieving my goal would be appreciated. Feel free to let your friends and family know.

Posted: 11/26/2016 - I no longer have calendars to sell and will no longer order them unless somebody buys a large bulk order of 50 or more. If I ordered more, it would hard to sell them especially because it's getting closer to the end of the year and others get their calendars from elsewhere. The sales I had previously mentioned will now be compensated. I was going to have a sale in December and another on in January: Buy 5 cards and get a free 8x10 OR buy 10 cards and get a free calendar. The sale I now have in mind is I will be offering free Family Pictures. The sale will still be the same times; December 19-24 and again January 23-28. For more information, you can always email me.

Posted: 11/12/2016 - It seems I haven't sold a whole lot of calendars since my last order, so once I'm finished with this order, I will no longer be ordering them unless you make a special bulk order of 50 or more. Feel free to email me for a quote. This means that I will be changing the plans I had for a Christmas sale next month and an Anniversary sale in January.

I was also at the Farmers Market this morning and did better than last week. I do have very limited calendars left. I will be at the Farmers Market again next weekend, followed by the Wintergold Craft Fair the following weekend which in that time hope to sell all my calendars. I will then be back at the Farmers Market the first 3 weekends in December, where I hope to sell the rest of my calendars should I have any left.

Posted: 10/29/2016 - I confirmed that I will be doing the Indoor Market this year. I will be at the Market the first 3 weeks of November (just a reminder the Market's only on Saturdays), and will be there the 3 weeks the market's running in December. The last date is Dec. 17. I was also informed that due to a lack of interest, there may not be a Winters Market, so after December 17, the market will more than likely be done until the Spring 2017.

Posted: 10/27/2016 - I am hoping to do the Autumn Farmers Market this coming month. Due to some situations, I was unable to do it the past month. I do hope to do it this coming month on November 5, 12, and 19. I am unable to do the Farmers Market on the 26th due to the fact I will be at Wintergold (Look at the previous post). If all goes well, I may decide to do it through December as well. I will keep you updated with the Farmers Market and will definitely let you know, should I decide to do it through December.

Posted: 10/24/2016 - I will be attending the Wintergold again this year. The Wintergold is held at the Smithers Art Gallery on November 25 and 26. The Wintergold will be held on Friday, November 25 from 5-9pm and Saturday November 26 from 10am-4pm. Last year I've sold only cards, but this year I will be selling cards and calendars. If you are going to the Wintergold this year, feel free to look me up. There are 2 floors of displays so there's a lot you can look at. For more information on the Wintergold Craft Fair, click here. I hope to see you there.

Posted: 09/10/2016 - It is nearing the end of the year as well as my Anniversary in January. I will be having a sale from December 19-24 2016 and again from January 23-28 2017. Last year my sale was "Buy 5 cards and get a free 8x10 photo print". This year, the customer can choose between "Buy 5 cards, get a free 8x10 photo print" or "Buy 10 cards, get a free wall calendar (2017)". Just a reminder, the cards are $5 each or 5/$20. There will be a limit of 1 calendar or 8x10 per customer. If you buy 15 cards, you can receive 1 free calendar AND 8x10. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. However, shipping charges may apply. <Edited 09/14/2016>