I've been working at an East Indian Restaurant in Smithers, BC for just over a month (at the time of this post). I've enjoyed it here ever since I started so decided to have some group shots of the chefs. I then decided to ask if I could add their Facebook Page and Website here. I've had a "Links of Interest" page so decided to start with a page about places to eat. If any restaurant management out there wish for me to add their restaurants here feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to put your restaurant here. If you wish for me to add your restaurant to my website please provide me with the following information:

Location of Restaurant (City, Street address)
Name of Restaurant
Website (if any)
Social Media (if any)
Menu Type (IE. American, Chinese, Thai, etc)

I will also be looking for your restaurant on tripadvisor.ca and place the ratings here on my website. Of course if I get so many restaurants here it will be hard for me to keep up with updating the reviews. Any visitor to this site, or yourself can notify me of any changes to the reviews by contacting me.

Any broken Links? Feel free to let me know and I will try fix them.

The first restaurant on my list is:


Tandoori Bistro - Smithers, BC
3984 HWY 16 west Smithers
Website - http://www.tandooribistro.ca
Social Media Unknown
Menu - East Indian and Western

From TripAdvisor, Tandoori Bistro in Smithers, BC rates: 4.5/5
Feel free to read the reviews here. Tandoori Bistro ranks #8 out of 27 restaurants in Smithers.