There is a change in Pricing for the canvases. Instead of a flat fee based on the regular price of the canvases, the prices will now be based on how much it actually costs to get them in. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

Please note that the canvases can fluctuate, so may be more expensive at times and less expensive at other times.



Photo [Size]










Enlargements [Size]



$15.00EA OR 2/$20.00


$20.00EA OR 2/$30.00


$40.00EA OR 2/$50.00


$45.00EA OR 2/$80.00







PLEASE NOTE: If you buy groups of 2 photo enlargements, there will be a discount. Also, if you wanted to purchase photo packages, just contact me for a quote. I will need the Quantity of each size you would like.

I offer Family Pictures, Individual Pictures, Kids' Pictures, and Pet Pictures. However, at this time I'm unsure of how much to charge so the prices are subject to change.

I've asked a few people about Family Pictures. 2 people told me that $50.00 is exceptional while one person suggested to ask another photographer just to get an idea of how much to charge.

At this point, I will charge:
$50.00 for a family picture.
Kids' portraits will be $30.00
Individual Pictures will be (Adult) $40.00 (Kid) $20.00)
Pet Pictures will be $20.00.

There will be no time limit for these pictures unless I have to be elsewhere. In that case, I will notify you before the shoot begins. However, if the shoot is less than 1 hour, I will offer to cut the price.

Here's some more information of the categories:
Family: Consist of 1 or more adults and 1 or more children.
Kids': Consist of 2 or more kids
Individual: Self-explanatory - 1 adult OR 1 kid (Price depends on if the subject is adult or kid)
Pet: 1 or more pets.

However, if you are having your Family Pictures done and you wish to have your pets in the pictures, there will be no additional charge.

Please note: During your photo shoot, I will charge it based on the category. However, if I do multiple categories, such as Family Pictures and Kids' Pictures, I will charge for both. However, at this time this is pending and won't immediately be in effect until further notice.

Once again, prices are subject to change until I have an Professional Opinion.

Shipping Charges: There will be shipping charges based on the order. However, depending on how much it generally costs, there are some items I am willing to ship to Canada with no shipping fees. These items include Bookmarks and Greeting Cards. However, if the order is larger I may have to charge shipping for these items. However, at this time it won't be in effect.
All items I order from online, however, will have a shipping fee. In Canada, however, I may be able to save you on shipping charges. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Gift Certificates: Gift certificates are available in $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00 denominations.

Feel free to contact me for a list of products and services I offer.


I will also be willing to do events as well. However, I'm not a professional photographer, so for some bigger events, I will need to bring somebody along I can shadow. Should this be the case, please bear with me.